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“I had a great experience with the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies. I was able to get a feel for what life is like for Moroccans my own age by meeting many fellow students. I also learned all about the culture and history of Morocco by visiting several historical sites. I want to study again in Morocco next summer and hope to keep using the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies to do so. I highly recommend the center to anyone interested in visiting Morocco”.
Michelle Mar K Z “student from the university of New York”

“MCAS has a unique philosophy of teaching. The institute has developed a curriculum to teach Arabic at all levels, including the beginner phases. I can now understand 80-90% of television news programs after 3 months of study. If you are looking to become conversant quickly or if you want quality instructions to improve your Arabic Language, it is important that you contact MCAS .”
JD. Vallou , Lawyer, Netherlands

“I had an amazing experience with Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies! My Arabic Tutor Nawale is very nice and patient. I learned a great deal both in the language and the culture from her. I felt so welcomed during my stay there. Definitely recommend this center to anyone who want an awesome learning experience in Morocco”.
Zhou Sha. China.

“MCAS is surely one of the most welcoming and rewarding places to improve your Arabic. It was wonderful to get to know that the school is being run by a staff and a director that takes each person’s interest seriously. Thanks to everyone at MCAS for making my stay so rewarding”.
Jamie Anderson, St. Olaf College (Minnesota) , USA

“My time at MCAS has been absolutely terrific. I really enjoyed myself here, especially since we were received with such great Moroccan hospitality. The teachers are excellent, always so patient in explaining the rules of the language. The facilities here also exceeded my expectations, and the trips organized during the weekends were nice. Everything was Mumtaz, but what made my time really great here are the people in MCAS”
Brondeon Uk

We had an amazing experience in Morocco. Thanks to MCAS’s wonderful teachers and staff! Without doubt, they are the most dedicated, helpful and professional group of people I have ever met. There are no words to describe the incredible last thirty days in Morocco, the teachers were beyond impressive, the accommodations were great and the staff went beyond the call of duty to make sure that the students were comfortable and had no other worries than to apply themselves to studying Arabic and enjoying their experience in Morocco.” – former student Erica Swift