Arabic Classes  inside Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies

MCAS is one of the only Arabic language schools that  receives and accommodates any student willing to participate in its program for just 1 week or 2, with our unique and flexible schedules, we welcome students willing to study Arabic in Morocco for just 1 week or more. However, students are kindly required to enrol in so as to secure space,and book their flights ahead of time to arrive on Sundays so as to start the course on Mondays. The 1 week  program of Arabic is open to any student desiring to study at a real immmersive Arabic context environment, while also students can choose to extend their program up to 2 or more weeks.

Arabic Course Calendar for 2018

2018 January – March   April – June   July – September October – December
  01Jan-12 09-Apr-20 02-Jul-13 08-Oct-19
  15-Jan-26 23-Apr-04 16-Jul-27 22-Oct-02
07-May-18 30-Aug-10 05-Nov-16
  12-Feb-23 21-May-01 13-Aug-24 19-Nov-30
  26-Feb-09 04-Jun-15 27-Sep-07 03-Dec-14
  12-Mar-23 18-Jun-29 10-Sep-21 17-Dec-28
  26-Mar-06  24-Sep-05  31-Dec-11

Moroccan Public Holidays:  (2017):
1st January New Year
3rd January Mawlid Al-Nabi (Prophet’s birthday)
11th January Independence Manifesto Day
1st May Labor Day
6th July Eid Al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
30th July Throne Day
14th August Allegiance of Wadi-Ed-Dahab
20th August Anniversary Of The King’s And People’s Revolution
21st August King Mohammed VI’s Birthday
11th September Eid Al-Adha (Feast of sacrifice)
1st October El-Hijra (Islamic New Year)
13th December Mawlid Al-Nabi (Prophet’s birthday)

NB classes will start once it has 3 students enrolled, but in case there is only 1 or two students registered, then the class and content will remain the same, but the number of hours will be reduced by 50%. This is applicable to both MSA and Darrija classes.

 NB: Unlike Arabic courses, volunteering and internship placements are open all year around and don’t fit in this calender.