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The Morccan Center for Arabic Studies is a proud Moroccan host institution partner that often works with international reputable Universities from the whole world, Such as the University of Oxford, University of Saint Andrews  as well as Universities in the US such as State University of Utah, Flordia State University, Loyola University in LA California,  University of Denver, Princton University, Binghamton University and more. Other partners include Volunteering Programs Projects as well Internship Plamcents and Service Learning Programs from US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Holland, Newzealand, Australia and more.
MCAS is also affiliated with Mohamed V University in Rabat as well University of Moulay Ismail in Mekness; we send our students to their facilities for cultural meetings as well as we hire their professors to teach course contents at MCAS such as:

  • Gender and Islam in Morocco
  • Ameeigh Communities in Morocco
  • Arab Spring and Prospects in Morocco
  • Culture and Language in Morocco

If are a University or a school, or an organization and you would like to partner with us or run a study abroad program be it short led or long , please feel free to reach out to us at