We offer you many options for accommodation in Rabat. It is MCAS policy to set up accommodation for all of our students, interns or volunteers with local Moroccan families. However there are also options for students if they wish to have their own private accommodation in Rabat. We encourage staying with a family as this unveils more deeply Moroccan culture to the student as well as offering an arena of Arabic communication not otherwise found. We have a selection process for the families and you can be assured that your Moroccan ‘family’ will provide you with a hospitable, safe and educational environment.
If, however, you prefer private accommodation, that is single or double occupancy, then MCAS will help you secure a safe and local abode, yet we kindly ask our applicants to specify that option while filling out the application.

Some of the options of housing and accommodations that we offer our applicants while being enrolled in our programs here in Rabat are as follows:

Staying with host families:
This is a very highly recommended option because students can have a very close understanding of what Moroccan family life is like. This allows students a chance to use their Arabic with their family members. Most of these families are close to our center and are no more than 5 minutes walk to get to our center.

The services that students get from staying with host families include 2 meals a day: breakfast and dinner as well as wifi and shower. Students will share a room with another student and most host families are usually walking distance to our school.

If you choose to stay with a host family please consider that you are asked to respect the family’s cultural beliefs and daily routine. You should also follow requests regarding meal times, curfews and dress code.

• Single rooms with half board (breakfast and dinner)
• Room is cleaned weekly by the host family
• Bed linen is provided, students are asked to bring their own towels

A second option that our applicants can also consider is a single or double occupancy choice in our residence halls. We usually take into consideration that our applicants would appreciate to have their own privacy or might like to share a room with one of our students, interns or volunteers. This option includes cleaning, access to internet, a kitchen with a refrigerator and a stove plus a shower.

accomodation in Rabat

If you wish to register for a one of these options, please make sure you specify that in our online applications.