MCAS is a Moroccan Arabic language center committed to teaching Arabic as a foreign language to serve as a window into the culture of any Arabic speaking country. MCAS is also the leading program provider for volunteering and internships in many fields. MCAS is dedicated to offering a quality customized program through which we help the talented meet the powerless.


Our mission is to make sure that the Arabic courses taught at MCAS will enable our students to speak and use the language confidently and with ease. We equip students with a strong basis to understand Morocco and the Arab world through our engaging classes.


MCAS offers programs for students with a strong interest in developing their Arabic language skills while learning firsthand culture about contemporary Morocco through active involvement in the community. Through a combination of Arabic language and area studies courses taught in English and Arabic, students gain significant insight into the Moroccan society, politics, literature, religion, and Morocco’s relationships with the West and within the Arab world through detailed analysis of media reports. MCAS has a reputable image for providing an authentic teaching setting of Arabic as a foreign language.