At MCAS we have to enforce certain rules in order to ensure a safe, wholesome experience in Morocco for both our students and our staff. Please read over the following regulations and allow them to serve as guidelines to your time with MCAS:

  1. Respect – at MCAS we ask you to respect Moroccan laws and customs as well as your peers and staff members. If you are unsure regarding the legality of a certain action, ask one of the staff. Alternately, if you are experiencing problems in your personal life as a result of being removed from your natural habitat, please utilize the MCAS support network; we are here to help you through, so please don’t take out your bad day on the staff or fellow students.
  2. No Smoking Policy – Even though Morocco is one of those ‘old-school’ places where you can still smoke indoors (for most students this will be a distant memory, even of their parents) we kindly ask you to refrain from doing so while indoors with MCAS.
  3. Food / Drink Policy – Food is not to be consumed while in class, nor soft drinks or juices of any kind. Bottled water is permitted.
  4. Cell Phone Policy – All mobile devices must be switched off upon entering an MCAS classroom.
  5. Drink / Drugs Policy – Do not use drugs; MCAS can offer no assistance if one of our students runs foul of the law. We permit consumption of alcohol on the condition the student does not ‘drink to excess.’ If we receive reports of our students’ behavior stating otherwise, appropriate action will be taken.
  6. Be Punctual – If tardiness becomes commonplace with a student, the staff will inform them if it is turning into a problem and appropriate action will be taken. Un-excused absence will not be tolerated.
  7. Honor – We ask our students to conduct themselves with honor both inside and outside of class. Do not lie, cheat or steal.
  8. Insurance / Liability -MCAS will not be held responsible for any type of illness suffered, personal changes or injuries incurred, nor loss of property of the students, volunteers or interns during their stay in Morocco. If the student desires such coverage, we highly recommend that they take out a personal travellers insurance policy before embarking. Travel insurance from
  9. Payment of Fees – All payments are due by the first day of your program and all payments are non refundable.