MCAS offers various placements in these areas: Human Rights, Education, Children in Need, Women’s Empowerment, Micro-finance, Journalism, NGO Support, Midwifery, Nursing and more through partnerships with local NGOs and international NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) , if participants wish for some valuable experience, then MCAS is your best program provider.  Most of  our internship projects  are in Rabat which is Morocco’s capital of almost two million inhabitants that offers many opportunities to  intern with many international NGOs of many different domains.

If you have a specific field of interest,  MCAS will make sure we secure you a placements on the following options; while starting dates for interning are dependent on your schedule as well as your objectives.

Midwifery  and Nursing Internship Placements in Morocco


Interns Profile : Students whose background is medicine, midwifery, nursing and can speak French are eligible for this position. Interns will be asked to work with the staff of the hospitals; when there is a patient in labor; interns will be involved and asked to work with their superior. Most interns will be placed in Rabat.
Program Requirement : Interns are asked to write a letter of motivation as to why they want to intern as well as present their CV in French.
Length of the program :1 month to 3 and it is open year around
 Skills: It is a prerequisite to speak beginning Frech level for this position
if the intern seeks to gain a more of a professional expereince
Journalism Internship Placements in Morocco:


Interns Profile : Students whose background or majoring in journalism are welcome to apply to this program which is open year around. Interns will be asked to edit and work closely with their mentor when they arrive. Some of the interns will be working with very international news agencies such as Reuters, Skye News or Morocco World News. Interns might be placed in Rabat or Fez and their host family will be closer to where they will be working.
Length of the program : 2 months to 6 months  and is open year around.
Skills: Interns who speak French, English are eligible for this position.

NGO SUPPORT and Human Rights Placements Program in Morocco :



These two position are open to any student whose interest is advancing the power of civil society into solving social issues and challenging the status qua set by the government. Student’s whose interest is human rights and strengthening the work of an NGO that strives to instill rights into the midst of a society are welcome to apply to these positions

What interns will be doing ? 
Volunteers will give their expertise and perspectives to support grassroots NGO efforts achieve their missions. They collaborate with local staff to share ideas and contribute to all activities of the organization and strengthen the NGO capacity and scope of work. Volunteers will work with local as well as international NGOs such as Amnesty International, International Handicap Human rightswatch and more

Requirements to participate:
At least a beginning to intermediate level of French.

Major; psychology, education, law, conflict resolution and more are welcome to apply to this position

Minimum time commitment:
5 weeks and is open all year around ..
NB volunteers have to send their CVs in French as well as a formal letter for these posions