Registration Process

If you wish to register for one of our programs please fill out the appropriate application form, or if you require more information, you can contact us at [info AT mcas-arabic DOT com]. Along with your application, we will require a copy of your passport, which can be scanned and then emailed.
Once you have applied, please allow for a brief period to elapse before we get back to you. During this time we will process your information and confirm that there is a space for you in one of our classes.
Registration and Payment of Fees

Registration will be considered complete when the student hears back from MCAS upon the submission of their application. This should take place no more than 5 days after submission. All payments must be received either on or prior to the first day of class and can be made in a number of possible ways:

Cash payment made in Moroccan Dirhams;
Direct wire transfer to the MCAS’ international bank account;
By direct check deposit (all checks must be drawn from a bank in Rabat)

If you require further information or need to use an alternate method of payment, please contact us at [info AT mcas-arabic DOT com].